FRWRC 2014 Officers


We are happy to announce our newly elected board officers that will serve a one-year term. The officers are:

Immediate Past President: JoEllen McNeal
President: Barbara Way
Vice President: Joyce Jenkins-Wimmer
Treasurer: Rosalie Norem

We fondly bid goodbye to Carolyn Landis, our wonderful and intrepid Treasurer from 2006-2013.

For seven years Carolyn has kept our finances and put up with our many questions and requests. Carolyn’s tax consulting and bookkeeping business, Dynatax, provided us with professionalism and accuracy in all our financial doings and helped to establish us as a financially stable organization. Whenever I stopped by her office to drop off bills or pick up checks we would always wind up telling stories and laughing about some event of the week. Carolyn is fun! We have been so fortunate to have her all these years and will miss her great humor and bright spirit tremendously. Thank you, Carolyn, for it all. We know wherever you next chose to put your energy; they will be much richer for your presence as we were.


WW2014 Weaver Winter 2014 Officers Update