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The Voices of Valley Women is a forum for women to share their writing with each other; a place where each unique voice can be heard. This can be in the form of a poem, a letter, a haiku, a story or your thoughts on any topic. A long term goal is to gather enough material to make a book featuring the voices of local women.

We would love to hear from you and will gladly provide encouragement, editing assistance, ideas, whatever you may need to let your voice be heard. For inspirational examples go to our website at www.frwrc.org and click on Voices of Valley Women. Email submissions to or send to FRWRC, PO Box 1748 in Front Royal.

An Arbor of Autumn

Mary Ellen South
September 19 , 2013

An arbor of autumn
Hung high above me
As I drove briskly along the Shenandoah
Myself aglow from the glory of seeing old friends.

An arbor of autumn
With just a hint of color
No full glory yet
Promises of so much more to come.

I journey back each fall and spring
My favorite times of the year
Autumn with its burst of color
Spring with its promise of continuation.

An arbor of autumn
Hung high above me
Creating a sense of security
Reminding me full color awaits us all.


Voices of Valley Women