Voices of Valley Women 2014


By Leslie Fiddler

 The big old sedan’s original yellow paint has faded to dirty white. There’s rust in the body, not much considering its age. Two large boxes of groceries sit on the back seat. The driver, a mother in her 40’s, and her teenage daughter are driving through a rural town. They see two middle aged women laughing and chatting as they walk beside a WPA era courthouse next to the road. “Friends” thinks the mother. “I’d like to meet them.”

Just ahead the traffic light is red. Distracted, the mother hits the brakes. Her car slides directly towards the friends who back away, their retreat blocked by the suspended heavy black chain that protects the historic building. The women watch the car slowly hit the curb and bounce back into its lane, the skid’s energy spent.

There is a pause. The driver leans past her daughter and rolls down the passenger window. The women walk towards her. “I’m very sorry” the mother says calmly “I lost control. I don’t know what happened.” Her daughter’s face showed a quiet confidence. “That’s OK” one friend replies “God bless you” says the other and raises her hand in blessing. The light changes and traffic resumes its flow. The mother and daughter drive on as the women continue their walk, merrily engaged by friendship.




Voices 2014