The Girl Grant goes to 4H Camp

4-H Camp

This summer three middle school girls: Jasmine, Brooke and Danyi, were able to attend the Warren County Extension Service 4-H Camp through our annual Girl Grant.



Jasmine lives in a single parent household. Her mom has problems with addiction so Jasmine knows and has seen a lot for her young age. Her counselor writes, “She is one of the most appreciative children I have met. She (will) cherish this opportunity and be very grateful. ”

Brooke struggles with self-esteem issues. She has a low opinion of herself and her self-worth. Brooke needed the opportunity to see that she could survive somewhere on her own at a camp for a week to know that she is strong and does have the ability to care for herself.

Danyi is a shy young lady who has had very few opportunities to do anything outside of school. She is a kind and caring girl who gets little attention from family and wants very much to do well in life. She has a lot of responsibilities in helping care for her family. Camp provided an opportunity for her to have fun, meet new friends, and enjoy being a young girl.

4-H camp was a perfect choice for these three girls as it provides many opportunities for boys and girls to learn skills through hands-on experiences. The camping program helps youth build self-esteem and challenges them to be innovative and creative. Participants had the opportunity to participate in exciting classes – about 20 to choose from. There were also swim and recreation times, special evening events, songs, games, and more.

The Girl Grant was initiated in 2006 by Mary Ellen South in memory of her daughter. The grant gives encouragement and support to girls between the ages of eleven and thirteen who might not get recognized in the traditional ways but can use a validation of their self-worth. One or more grants are given annually.


The Girl Grant goes to 4H Camp