Narrative Essays Old and New
With A Foreword By Geoff Dyer

Annie Dillard is a stalker! Utilizing her acumen as a mystical author, she preys upon her readers and does not cease or relent until they become participants in her literary dance of the universe.  Ms. Dillard, a Pulitzer Prize winner at the age af twenty-nine, infuses her works with personal reactions to the danger, tenor, intricacies and mysteries of the world in which we live. She does so with her observations and analogies of the natural world and prompts all to look far beyond the obvious to find not only the inner being but the entrance to a divine sphere. Needless to say, she does so brilliantly and one is almost hypnotically drawn into this journey. The Abundance, a compilation of essays, enables the reader to be intimidated, entertained and fulfilled with a richness that is beyond  description.

This book is a personal gift from Ms. Dillard. The excerpts from her writings are displayed in a sequence that is both intriguing and challenging. She delves into a dazzling array of thought-provoking situations that bring forth intimate visions of a world that, perhaps, have never been considered. From the hilarious narration of her father demonstrating the art of telling a joke and the reactions that should be forth-coming to the spiritual concept of The Waters of Separation, one is driven to ask for more before being satiated.

WARNING: Do not read this book unless you are fully awake and your faculties heightened mainly due to the fact that you may find yourself wondering just what message is trying to be conveyed. However, do not give in or give up because all will become clear with the turning of each page. Annie Dillard, who has been compared to the observant Thoreau, considered as meditative as Emerson and as all encompassing as Whitman, will challenge your inner being and you will be glorified by the voyage.

The Abundance by Annie Dillard
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