October2014Wailing newborns, writhing in pain…. silence.
Female waifs, terror etched in their eyes…no safe harbor.
Women—souls that cry out for an end to the ever present savagery,
For the salvation of the hearts of their children,
From the depths of despair, these valiant creatures shout, “No more!”
Insurrection, inspiring those behind the barricades, is now on the horizon.
So be it, evermore!

When was the first time you hesitated before leaving your home to take care of errands? Is it a silly question? Well, hold on to your hats because for women in too many parts of this world, that simple act could be a death warrant. Sally Armstrong pulls no punches in getting in your face regarding conditions of women in sections of Africa, the Middle East, South America, to name a few, and she forces you to pay attention. In these countries, babies are being raped to death, very young girls are abused by uncles or grandfathers because it is believed their virginal state will cure HIV and women are raped, re-raped and physically mutilated consistently. We can no longer sit back, claim ignorance and wallow in our shielded cocoons. Instead, when presented with this knowledge, our protective coatings are forced to unravel, anger surfaces and the need to annihilate the perpetrators becomes overwhelming. In this powerful book, Armstrong nurtures the belief that all hope is not lost, however, as there is a new dawn on the horizon. She introduces the reader to women and children who are beginning to stand up and demand to be delivered from this horror. Be assured, their voices are now being heard across this planet.

Ms. Armstrong is a journalist who conveys these stories through the eyes of those who are living it, day after day, night after night. In her quest, she allowed no obstacle to prevent her from obtaining the information needed to put these horrific profiles onto the world stage. It is clearly outlined in the details of this book that religion, cultural behaviors and politics define the obstructions that need to be challenged. Patience, perseverance and the desire to become empowered in their own right have pushed these women to confront these obstacles. When given the opportunity, they have demonstrated the fact that when women have a voice, economies improve and wars lose their meaning. Therefore, the status quo can no longer exist and the energy required to promote change is insatiable. They will be educated, they will join the workforce and, most of all, they will live as free and equal human beings.

Uprising will get under your skin from the moment you turn the first page and, well it should. ‘I am woman’ is the compelling force behind this uprising and nothing will deter the cause. For their courage we all must exclaim, “Bravo!”


Uprising A New Age is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter By Sally Armstrong