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Mindful Shenandoah Valley

Shell Fischer

Email: shell@mindfulvalley.com

Website: www.mindfulvalley.com

Recorded Talks: Shell’s Meditation Talks | Mindful Shenandoah Valley (mindfulvalley.com)

Shell Fischer, Mindful Shenandoah Valley’s founder and guiding teacher, offers more than 30 years of mindfulness practice and study. She leads mindfulness meditation classes and daylong and residential retreats in VA, WV, and the greater D.C. area.

As a teacher, Shell’s main focus is on metta (loving-kindness) practice.  Her hope is to guide her students in nurturing even more kindness and compassion for themselves, others, and for all the situations they find themselves in throughout their lives, through the practice of meditation and mindfulness.

She was trained and mentored as a Buddhist teacher in the Theravadan Vipassana (Insight) tradition in the Meditation Teacher Training Institute of Washington, D.C. by Dr. Tara Brach – one of the world’s leading Insight meditation teachers.

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