Inspiring future leadership, curiosity, confidence and success!

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 “The mission of FRWRC is to support and empower women in Warren County through programs, information and education,” said Joyce Wimmer, president of the FRWRC and Kim South Girl Grant chair. “What better way is there to support women than starting with sponsoring the dreams and ambitions of the youngest women in our community.”


Our 2017 Kim South Girl Grant (KSGG) luncheon was a wonderful, inspiring event, thanks to our grant recipients – Elizabeth Doyle, Jenna Mulligan, Alivia Turner, MJ Villacuatro for sharing their artwork and experience with us. Two additional grantees, Veda Bailey and Paisley Patton were unable to attend; however, were with us in spirit We were delighted that Mary Ellen South, KSGG founder, was able to join us. She announced a generous donation made by Kim’s childhood best friend, Kelley Semmelroth;  Mary Ellen made a generous contribution for future grants herself. Kelley wrote a beautiful letter describing Kim and their friendship. Thank you Kelley for your commitment to this grant, your donation encourages  girls to believe in themselves and pursue their dreams! Joyce Jenkins Wimmer, President and KSGG Chair, announced expanding the grant to quarterly meetings throughout the school year along with the summer grant program.  This will open the grant up to even more middle school girls.

Special Thanks


Kelley Semmelroth
Mary Ellen South 

Circle of Friends

Sheila Lamonzs, Adele Medved


Janet Costello, Suzi Gillette, Nan Hathaway, Cathie Johnson, Sheila Lamonzs, Lee Meyer, Melanie Mullinax, Joey Waters

Guest Speaker

 Kelly Walker


Franzi Lee Photography

Dessert Donation

Sweet & Sassy Cookie Art


Elaine Faucher & Barbara Way

also to Lee Meyer, Program Chair, Barbara Way, Executive Director, the FRWRC Board of Directors,  and especially to Kim South Girl Grant Chair & President, Joyce Jenkins Wimmer, for all her work with Warren County Middle School and community to make this happen.

The Girl Grant-was initiated in 2006 by a FRWRC member in memory of her daughter. In 2015 the grant was renamed the Kim South Girl Grant in honor of Mary Ellen South’s daughter. The grant is to inspire future leadership, curiosity, confidence, and success; it is not a reward for past academic achievement. The grant is utilized for specialized programs such as summer camp, courses in the arts, summer school, a training course, tutoring or special needs. Grants may also be awarded to an organization or a club that is empowering young girls through related activities. One or more grants are given annually in the amount up to $1,000 to Warren County students or organization recommended for the award by a guidance counselor, teacher or principal.  Funds go directly to the activity/program.















































Sept 16 – Kim South Girl Grant 2017 Luncheon