Kicking and DreamingWhat is it like to be a woman in rock and roll? Ann and Nancy Wilson had this question posed to them over and over throughout their distinguished careers. Nevertheless, the world of rock and roll was penetrated by these talented women and, to an extent, turned upside down by their inventive, musical genius. Initially, no one in their family ever thought this would be their destiny… nor did the girls. But, music of one kind or another surrounded them all their young lives as they traveled the world, living the life that is unavoidable when your father is a dedicated Marine. Experiencing difficulty in establishing roots prompted them to turn to music, which formed a familial bond that was seldom challenged. It provided a refuge; a source of comfort that was exhilarating, whereby Ann and Nancy found they could be themselves without pretense, losing any sense of insecurity regarding appearance or ability. In so doing, Heart was created and their distinctive style surfaced. Kicking & Dreaming allows the reader to just walk along, as these women reveal the strength, character and determination it took to achieve success in an unforgiving domain, and the pitfalls they encountered.

Sex, drugs and rock and roll! This slogan, so to speak, became a pattern that eventually enveloped Heart. Ann and Nancy, as well as the other members of their group, became partiers… a slippery slope that, seemingly, engulfs many entertainers. The narratives in this chronicle explicitly define how substance abuse, gender discrimination and sexual slurs caused many dark moments in their careers. However, their desire to persevere triumphed, enabling them to sustain their position and help pave the way for future female aspirants. Their stor y also
clearly demonstrates how one may come full circle in one’s life, realizing a perspective that actually existed initially but was ignored due to lack of maturity or short-sightedness. This revelation brings to mind the old adages: What is past is prologue! With age comes wisdom! Ann and Nancy have assimilated these concepts, finding a heightened joy not only with their music but their private lives, as well. They are no longer kicking and dreaming, but living the life they dreamed.


Kicking & Dreaming A Story Of Heart, Soul And Rock & Roll By Ann & Nancy Wilson With Charles R. Cross