July2014-1Today is a golden age of social activism.  Some 3,000 nonprofit organizations are launched in the U.S. alone every month.  Many will fail for lack of support. 

The Generosity Network responds to this challenge with a fresh new perspective that puts relationship (not money) at the heart of the process.  You will learn:

  • The most powerful communication tools for connecting with partners, and the messaging turn-offs you have probably committed
  • Little-known methods to make asking for support feel natural, easy and even fun.
  • How small, inexpensive dinner events can spark more partnerships—and greater financial benefits—than the traditional fund-raising gala.
  • Specific techniques to turn a disengaged board into an energized fount of resources.

Whether you run a local community organization or help to run a global nonprofit, The Generosity Network will make your work more enjoyable and more effective.


The Generosity Network by Jennifer McCrea, Jeffrey C. Walker