Huge THANK YOU to FRWRC-Front Royal Women's Resource Center! I applied this year for the Dare to Dream Grant. I opened my letter yesterday....and....I have funding to upgrade my camera! Yahoo! I love to zoom up and move around when I make videos and the camera I use (or my phone) just can't keep up with me. Super excited to zoom and move and focus and stabilize!
If you are a dreamer, be sure to learn more about the Dare to Dream Grant and the Front Royal Women's Resource Center at This is an amazing group of women actively looking for the next best way to support and empower women in our community!

We are excited and priviledged to be a part of Jen's dream!!   Jen is a woman entrepreneur and owner of Jenspiration.

The many services that Jenspiration offers are affordable to everyone.  Her specialty is 2-3 minute videos that can be edited, allowing for a more polished look than Facebook LIVE broadcasts.  With her marketing background, corporate sales experience (including intense Verizon yellowpage ad design training), and  recent real estate career, promotional video production is SO MUCH FUN, and a perfect fit for Jen. It allows to utilize her cumulative expertise to help a huge variety of clients! In addition to producing videos, she provide instruction on “what to do now” with the files.  Coming from a family of teachers, Jen naturally has patience and excitement for slowly explaining the “how to’s” of downloading, uploading, boosting and much more.

Over the past 2 years, Jen has created over 400 short videos, ranging from real estate house tours to interviews with the homeless for a nonprofit fundraiser.  The videos are the perfect format for posting on all social media outlets, and have recently begun to be featured in our local online newspaper, the Royal Examiner.  Her videos can build new partnerships, educate the community, and be nice content for news venues if leveraged properly.


Jen Avery – Dare to Dream Grant Winner