Collected Poems

(an autobiography of sorts)



  hungry-spring-ordinary-song-collected-poems-an-autobiography-of-sorts-5 WISDOM

Everyone assumes

That the perfumes

Of August

Are the work of springtime’s buds

Aging into blooms.

But the fading rose,

In her dying, knows,

It is the joy of ceasing

That distills perfume.

                             Phyllis Tickle


The gift of life and the years that ensue should be treasured, remembered and never taken for granted. For these reasons, a select few shall always reflect upon 2015 as a particularly poignant, defining one. That was the year that the voice of a most prolific, spiritual, intuitive poet was silenced. Although she never considered herself a legitimate writer of verse, the works of Phyllis Tickle leave the recipient totally surprised, unguarded, naked in breathless wonder, as did her untimely demise. Her words are defined by grace and a mystical acuity encompassed within the comparison of the depth, skill and resilient color that an artist might display when applying thoughts to canvass. Assimilating her ferocious, tantalizing heartbeat in every word, thought, concept that she conveys is a priceless endeavor, indeed. Hungry Spring and Ordinary Song is an extraordinary measure of the poetic acumen of this artist.


There is little one might say in reviewing this book as the words on each page comprise their own review. The author delights the reader with her blatant, provocative explosions on one hand and the sweetness of the caress of a child on the other. Much attention is also given to the origins of the poems by way of a narrative that precedes many passages. They are very historical, geographical in nature and provide a great deal of information that heretofore might have been unknown. The fact that her roots supplied much of her creative genius, and the manner in which she imparts this information, is quite remarkable. Ms. Tickle entices you with her dramatic verbal expertise, suggesting a warning that consumption is mandatory in order to truly respond to life and its challenges.


Phyllis Tickle shared her gifted life through dignity, fortitude, spiritual devotion, grace and beauty. Her words in this book are transformative and will seek out and touch every fiber of your being. Enhance the treasures in your life by embracing this read and absorbing her lifelong gift. The soulful rewards will be endless.

HUNGRY SPRING AND ORDINARY SONG Collected Poems (an autobiography of sorts) by Phyllis Tickle
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