Why December2014am I who I am?
And, just who am I?
In one family…brown eyes, blue and grey,
One amiable, one hostile and one gay!
What constitutes me, myself and I?
And, why?

These are questions that are posed throughout this incredible tome and the revelations are remarkable. Well, if your curiosity is not piqued yet, it will be as soon as you tackle this challenge. The book is divided into three parts. Biological and personality traits are explored in part one to focus on ‘me’ while behaviors and identity are perused in part two, delving into ‘myself’. Part three describes how each of us consciously crafts our personal narratives based upon the basic processes and accounts for the ‘why’.

Jennifer Ouellette is a science journalist who incorporates factual, scientific studies with humorous excerpts which in combination, makes this book addictive. Aside from the fact that you may learn why you do not care for certain foods, display specific characteristics or appear to be unrelated to people in your family due to certain behaviors you will also learn what happens to a fruit fly after imbibing an alcoholic substance. How this is all related will amaze you. The author is extremely crafty in her ability to keep you focused on terminology that is very technical yet becomes totally understandable in time. Your knowledge of self cannot help but be extended through this scientific yet basic exposure.

The human body has been and will continue to be a scientific study in progress. Although much has been learned, mysteries still remain. Ms. Ouellette opens many portals into this study and gives the reader powerful insights. Some will say that too much information can be a dangerous thing. That may be true, but this author will leave you begging for more so that you may truly know who you are and why!



Me, Myself, and Why Searching for the Science of Self By Jennifer Ouellette