Dare to Dream Recipients 2013

Dare to Dream Recipients 2013

The FRWRC’s annual Dare to Dream Breakfast was held on March 20th to honor this year’s grant and scholarship winners. Five Dare to Dream Grants ranging from $600 to $1‚000 were presented along with our second Elaine Bromfield memorial Scholarship. We are grateful and proud to be able to present these awards that are made possible through the great generosity of our local supporters. THANK YOU to all of you for “changing women’s lives‚ one dream at a time.”

Debbie Butler‚ awarded $600 for purchase of a computer. Debbie was laid off from work in 2012 and unable to secure employment. She returned to school to update her skills in technology and just started her second semester at LFCC this January towards a degree in Business Management.

Kristen Franco‚ awarded $1‚000 towards purchase of a computer and software. Kristen is a single mother with one son. She has an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design along with the majority of credits towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design. She had to place her career on hold due to a major illness and resulting “extensive hospitalizations”. She relocated to Front Royal to be with her sister. Her goal is to re–start her graphics business designing websites‚ print media‚ etc.

Denise Horton‚ awarded $850 for CNA program at Warren Memorial Hospital. Denise is a single mother with a son entering college this fall. She currently works as a part time housekeeper at a local senior residential center. She is requesting the grant to take the CNA class at Warren Memorial with an eventual goal of becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse.

Amanda Marie Johnson‚ awarded $850 for CNA program at Warren Memorial Hospital. Amanda is a young woman married with one son. She is requesting the grant to take the CNA class at Warren Memorial with a future goal of becoming a registered nurse. Her grant will pay for the total cost of the program.

Takita Johnson‚ awarded $1‚000 for CNA program at Warren Memorial Hospital. Takita will further her education by taking the CNA class at Warren Memorial Hospital. She is a single mother‚ 20 years old with a 5 months old daughter. Takita’s goal is be an RN by the time her daughter is 5 years old so she can be an example for her daughter. She is currently working at Burger King to support her daughter.

Tiana Jean Maxey‚ awarded $800 for LFCC program. Tiana is a single mother‚ lost her job and is looking at her options for an education. She will use the grant to start a career in medical billing and coding at LFCC.

Tara Waters was awarded the second annual Elaine Bromfield Memorial Scholarship of $1‚000. Tara is currently raising 4 children alone while working full time at A.S. Rhodes Elementary School as a kindergarten assistant and working nights and weekends as a receptionist at Loving Arms Assisted Living‚ approx. 65 hours a week. She has a child in Mary Baldwin‚ 2 boys in high school and her youngest is in 4th grade. She will utilize the EB Scholarship to attend Old Dominion University for their Mental Health Graduate Program.

A big Thank You goes out to Shell Fisher for these great pictures.

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