Book Donations for May and June 2014

The Front Royal Women’s Resource Center and the Royal Oak Bookshop co-sponsor book donations to Samuels Public Library that are by or about women.

americanmirrorAMERICAN MIRROR
The Life and Art of NORMAN ROCKWELL


Mirror, mirror on the wall,Who was the real Norman Rockwell, after all?

Deborah Solomon, gifted author and brilliant researcher, brings Norman Rockwell to life on the pages of this book with a literary clarity and depth that is astounding. The reader is presented with an overwhelming amount of information that is both exhilarating and distressing as the author delves into the inner core of this iconic craftsman.

Behind Rockwell’s masterful work was a man filled with anxiety, one who experienced a loneliness and insecurity that marked his life. It was almost impossible for him to demonstrate affection with any consistency which resulted in an estranged relationship with his children and two of his wives. In addition, Rockwell appeared to have little tolerance for social amenities. The author reveals that “his mood, his way with people, could turn to stone in a matter of seconds.” And yet, his paintings provoked exhilaration, profound introspective thinking, pride and a sense of dignity and righteousness in being an American. His visual narratives, this genius for telling a story through illustrations in a most unique style, have been celebrated worldwide.

Solomon utilizes a plethora of unpublished letters and documents to explore Rockwell’s life, highlighting the stages of his career which began with simple pencil sketches and advanced to his lengthy tenure with The Saturday Evening Post. The author stresses the torment and agony he experienced as he continually challenged himself to achieve perfection as an artist in an ever-changing, impressionistic, art world. The picture she paints is one that leaves an indelible imprint on the mind and forces one to try to understand his idiosyncrasies and his apparent inability to consistently display an affectionate posture. This is the juncture that is conflictive since his masterpieces stimulated emotional responses repeatedly. To say that Rockwell was an enigma is an understatement, indeed.

This is a book that will touch your soul because there is much to digest that is somewhat difficult to comprehend. Those rose-colored glasses may become tilted. Many of us who have demonstrated an adoration of Norman Rockwell, having been thrilled by his illustrations, may never truly understand this man in the mirror. But it cannot be denied that he left us a legacy of beauty and love of country that will forever be reflected in our hearts.

fallingintoplaceFALLING INTO PLACE
A Memoir of Overcoming

AUTHOR: HATTIE KAUFFMAN, Emmy Award-Winning News Correspondent

The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. —( A Biblical quote from: Mark 4:11)

Courageous, pitiful, strong and gifted are only some of the words that will come to mind as you read this tender, poignant, painful memoir. Hattie Kauffman brings you into her private circle, embracing the most intimate moments of her life with the hope that her story will enable everyone to believe in a better tomorrow. She unveils this chronicle as if you were looking at a split-screen television. On one hand you are exposed to scenes from her childhood memories which, although fraught with suffering, neglect and pain, also contain significant moments of love and spiritual guidance. Ms. Kauffman then brings you to the present whereby the shock, distress and humiliation of divorce balances out the plaintive side of her life.

The abusive behavior that surrounded her as a child was due to the fact that her parents were both substance abusers, frequently absent from the care of their seven children. This pattern of maltreatment is presently underscored when her husband suddenly exclaims that she, in essence, no longer fits his profile of a suitable wife. It was at this point that Hattie experienced a ‘tap on the head’ which awakened her to a spiritual ascent that was life-altering.


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