February 25th
10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: Samuels Public Library


Betty Kilby Baldwin and           Phoebe Kilby

 FRWRC & FOSL host a special discussion on history, race and coming together. Join Betty Kilby Baldwin and Phoebe Kilby for a special discussion of their experience answering Martin Luther King’s call for ancestors of slave owning families and ancestors of slaves to come together to talk of their lives and to find peace and racial understanding. MLK called it “coming to the table” in his “I have a Dream Speech”. Through genetic testing it was proven that the current Kilby families are genetically related and that research seems to point to a particular member of the slave owning Kilby family “taking advantage” of a Kilby slave (Betty’s great great grandmother). They are willing to talk about the lives of women during the era of slavery. Their message to all is that despite history people can succeed.
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A Common Grace