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Over the last two decades, the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center has provided networking opportunities, spotlighted women leaders in our community and awarded more than $132,000 in grants and scholarships to 182 Warren County women and girls to support education, and professional and personal enrichment opportunities.

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Why I Read The Serious Pleasure of Books by Wendy Lesser

 Reading can result in boredom or transcendence, rage or enthusiasm, depression or hilarity, empathy or contempt, depending on who you are and what the book is and how your life is shaping up at the moment you encounter it.         ——-Wendy Lesser To those of you who presume to understand why … Read more

Uprising A New Age is Dawning for Every Mother’s Daughter By Sally Armstrong

Wailing newborns, writhing in pain…. silence.Female waifs, terror etched in their eyes…no safe harbor.Women—souls that cry out for an end to the ever present savagery,For the salvation of the hearts of their children,Forevermore!From the depths of despair, these valiant creatures shout, “No more!”Insurrection, inspiring those behind the barricades, is now … Read more

Kindred Beings What Seventy-Three Chimpanzees Taught Me About Life, Love and Connection By Sheri Speede

None of us knows what breath will be our last.  I try to keep that in mind every day—to face each day with interest and a sense of purpose, and to pay more attention to how I affect the momentary experiences of those whose paths I cross.  Being an imperfect … Read more