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Over the last two decades, the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center has provided networking opportunities, spotlighted women leaders in our community and awarded more than $132,000 in grants and scholarships to 182 Warren County women and girls to support education, and professional and personal enrichment opportunities.

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Voices 2012

Voices of Valley Women 2012 Summer’s End Blossoms dried on the little rose bush but then a bud appeared and I watched and waited for it to bloom. Yet the morning of its opening it disappeared along with the tomatoes, tall phlox, hostas and begonias. Mingled with the cricket’s song … Read more

Voices 2013

Voices of Valley Women 2013 The Beach is My Home  Small and insignificantIt was a shining surface that caught my eye.A rock so polished with the sun’s enhancementI knelt to pick it up. How quickly the comparison came to mindWe start out with big plansWe get roughed and tumbled by … Read more

Voices 2014

Voices of Valley Women 2014 Intersection By Leslie Fiddler  The big old sedan’s original yellow paint has faded to dirty white. There’s rust in the body, not much considering its age. Two large boxes of groceries sit on the back seat. The driver, a mother in her 40’s, and her … Read more