Aug 26 | 7 PM | Zoom Webinar

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“This powerful Spotlight program will celebrate the tireless work of five inspiring women in our community who have dedicated their time, resources and hearts to lifting women and their families up by bringing the dark and sometimes hidden issue of domestic violence to the attention of our community, and providing resources, help and education to make lives better.”

2021 Spotlight Honorees


  • Margia Kitts
  • Barbara Greco
  • Christine Andreae
  • Rita Biggs
  • Tammy Sharpe

The Front Royal Women's Resource Center (FRWRC) will present its annual Spotlight on Women this year highlighting five local women who have persisted in the work of bringing the problem of domestic violence in our community to light. Margia Kitts, Barbara Greco, Christine Andreae, Rita Biggs and Tammy Sharpe will talk about the struggles and triumphs of founding and leading the organizations that have helped create a safer and more responsive Front Royal and Warren County for women and their families.  Click link below to read full Press Release. 

FRWRC Spotlight 2021 Press Release

Margia Kitts

Margia Kitts

Margia Kitts was a social worker for the Warren County Department of Social Services when she proposed the initiation of the Warren County Council on Domestic Violence (WCCDV).  This was established in 1982 with the dream of having a safe place for women in our community.  She also worked with Vida Timbers to create a hot line service and training program for the volunteers.  This hotline is still in use today.

Warren County Sexual Assault Program
24-Hour Hotline:   540-305-1083

Barbara Greco

Barbara Greco

Barbara Greco served on the first WCCDV board and continued for over 6 years.  The early years were spent in research, surveying numerous agencies which resulted in the confirmation that domestic violence was an issue in Warren County that needed attention.  After it was determined that there was need for a shelter, she helped secure sufficient funds to buy a safe house and to hire staff.  During her time as President of the WCCDV board, a home was purchased for the first shelter, policies and procedures were established and staff were hired.

Christine Andreae

Christine Andreae

Christine Andreae served on the WCCDV from 1983 to 1989.  Once it was decided to open a women’s shelter, she helped raise enough money to buy a safe house on Virginia Avenue in Front Royal by writing grants for the proposed shelter.  She and Barbara Greco did a lot of presentations to church and civic groups to educate the community and local law enforcement about domestic violence in Warren County.  She also wrote a feature story on interviews with abused women for the Virginia County Magazine.

Rita Biggs

Rita Biggs served as a VISTA volunteer to the WCCDV from 1988 to 1991.  She started a volunteer program for the agency learning about domestic violence dynamics.  In 1999 she became the WCCDV Domestic Violence Services Coordinator, working directly with survivors.  She became Executive Director in 2003 and retired in 2010.  In 2013 she learned that the women's shelter, Harmony Place, was in crisis.  Along with Lee Smith-Osina and others, they began working on a way to bring domestic violence services back in the area.
She was responsible for securing a new 501-C3 status and helped raise funds for the creation of the Phoenix Project.  They then hired Tammy Sharp as Executive Director.

Tammy Sharpe

Tammy Sharpe was a Sexual Assault Advocate for the WCCDV and then Domestic Violence Program Coordinator.  She began the Warren County Child Assault Prevention Program.   She worked for WCCDV until the agency closed in October 2013.  As Executive Director, she continues to lead Phoenix Project’s current staff and board to further the work that was started to make Warren County a safer place to be.  She is proud of her part in the long line of women who saw the need in the community and stepped up to help.

Hannah Bement

Hannah Bement

2021 Spotlight Moderator

Lee Meyer

FRWRC Board Member, Program Chair

Spotlight Committee


2021 Spotlight on Women