2015 Kim South Girl Grant

Kim South Girl Grant Luncheon – An Inspiring Success

Our September 19th Girl Grant luncheon was a wonderful, inspiring event, thanks to grant founder Mary Ellen South and WCMS grant recipients Haley Clingerman, Carrie Gibson and Brooklyn Williams. Mary Ellen officially named the grant–The Kim South Girl Grant–in memory of her daughter, and made a generous contribution for future grants. The girls talked about how the grant money was used and what it meant to them and others in their activities. Thanks also to the FRWRC Board of Directors, Elaine Faucher for the floral centerpieces, and especially to Girl Grant Chair, Joyce Wimmer, for all her work with the Middle School to make this happen.

GGLuncheon 35

A Special Thank You To Our Kim South Girl Grant Luncheon Sponsors

  • Founder – Mary Ellen South
  • Platinum Sponsor –  Team Waller Real Estate
  • Floral Table Centerpieces For Raffle – Elaine Faucher
  • Silk Flowers Arrangement – Carper’s Florist
  • Desserts – City National Bank
  • Venue – First Baptist Church
  • Photographer – Andi Robinson
  • All Those Who Attended And/or Sponsored Guests
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