2015 Dare to Dream Grant and Elaine Bromfield Scholarship Recipients


Courtney Bukva: Courtney is a single woman whose goal is to become a physician’s assistant. She graduated from Bridgewater College in 2007 with a degree in Athletic Training. She has been employed in Prince William County for the past seven years as a dedicated athletic trainer. She has been accepted into a collaborative program between Anne Arundel Community College and the University of Maryland-Baltimore graduate school. She has completed eighteen courses (necessary requirements) in two years while working a full-time job of a minimum 40 to often 60 hours a week. Upon completion of the program she will receive a Master of Science in Health Science from the University of Maryland-Baltimore and a certificate of Physician Assistant Studies from Anne Arundel Community College. Tuition and fees are well over $80,000. Courtney was awarded $1,000 towards her education.


Amber Campbell:  Amber is a 20 year old single mother with one son age two. Her dream is to become a nurse. The next step towards her dream is to enroll in the Certified Nursing Assistant program at Warren Memorial Hospital. After achieving her CNA she plans to continue her education towards a nursing degree. Amber wants to build a brighter future for herself and her son. Cost of CNA program is $950. Amber was awarded $950.


Liliana Chamorro:  Liliana is a single mother of two sons ages 24 and 20 who both live with her. She has worked at Warren County Public Schools as a secretary for ten years. In the past several years she has taken courses at Lord Fairfax Community College in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Access in order to increase her knowledge and improve her skills in her job. The next goal in her career is to be a Microsoft Office Specialist which will give her a competitive edge in her field of work. LFCC has a schedule of three classes to prepare for the exams to get this certificate.  She requested $747 to cover the cost of the three classes.  Liliana was awarded $750.


Rebecca Cooke:  Rebecca is a married mother of four children. Her youngest is age 7 while the others are out on their own.  She and her husband started their business, Front Royal Taxi, LLC in May 2014. They started with one car operating out of their home and now have an office and three vehicles on the road. She is officially the business owner. She has high standards for how the business serves their customers. Rebecca is active in the community. Her company participates in a program offered by the Front Royal Fire Department and offers free in town fares and reduced rates to active fire and rescue personnel.  Her goal is to grow the business. Becoming a member of the Chamber of Commerce would allow for referrals and networking. The business needs a hand held radio system for monitoring and tracking the vehicles. The cost of Chamber of Commerce membership is $235. The cost of the hand held radio system is $400. Rebecca was awarded $600 for growing her taxi business.


Kathryn Davis:  Kathryn is the 2014 recipient of the Elaine Bromfield Memorial Scholarship.  She is currently finishing her Associates degree at Lord Fairfax Community College and will be graduating Summa Cum Laude in May of this year. She works at LFCC as a work-study student. She currently has a 3.9 GPA and is Vice-President of Phi Theta Kappa. Her goal is to obtain her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She requested help with her continuing educational expenses. Kathryn was awarded  $1,000.


Heather Duvall:  At age 15 Heather enrolled in Lord Fairfax Community College courses and by the time she graduated high school had completed her freshman year. She then received her Bachelor of Science from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, TX at age 21. She did this while working three jobs.  In 2011 she began a job as an accountant with a government contractor where she worked for over three years.  After these experiences she came to the conclusion she wanted to become a nurse. She loves the scientific aspect along with making an impact on someone’s life. In March 2014 she was accepted into the Associates Degree of Applied Science in Nursing program at LFCC. During the first semester she did her first clinical rotation at Greenfield Reflections in Strasburg which is a facility for residents suffering from dementia. Management asked her to be part of their staff. Her first semester she ended with a 3.6 GPA and currently serves as President Elect of the LFCC chapter of the National Student Nursing Association.  The chapter has been very involved with food donations and delivery to numerous organizations in the community such as C-Cap and the Laurel Center.  Her goal is to become a Registered Nurse. The cost of the program is $9,500.  Heather is paying for the program out-of-pocket and with loans. She relates she has paid for her entire college education and has been financially independent since age 17. Heather was awarded $1,000 towards educational tuition.


Jessica Ray:  Jessica is married with one child. In the past she has worked in various daycares, pre-schools and private homes as a pre-school teacher and a nanny in the area. Her dream is to own and operate a home daycare and preschool. The program would be based on Montessori activities and lessons.  In July last year she began planning her dream for her own daycare program. She has almost secured everything she needs for her daycare along with interested clients. Her main need now is outdoor playground equipment such as a crawling/climbing tunnel.   Her business reflects her dedication to childcare and teaching and also eases the stress of being a single income household. It would also allow her young daughter to be with her and socialize with other children. Currently she feels a void in the absence of teaching. Jessica was awarded $300 for outdoor play equipment for her daycare.


Marie Scavetti:  Marie is a metal sculptor. She graduated in 2013 from Moore College of Art and Design with a Bachelor’s in Fine Art. After four years in Philadelphia she returned home to Warren County.  Her goal is to become a full time, self-sustaining, independent artist. This includes creating functional art that is accessible to all social classes. For the past two years she has held three jobs to cover living expenses, student loans and for a deposit on a metal studio which she obtained in November 2014. In order to fully realize her art Marie needs specific pieces of equipment necessary to do her metal sculpture.  She has set up a website, online store, and contacted galleries/shops in Rappahannock County who have offered to display and sell her creations. Marie was awarded $400 for art studio equipment.


Angelica Vittitow:  Angelica graduated homeschool high school in 2011 and has since worked a seasonal job at Vine Ripe Farm, a naturally grown vegetable farm. She began experimenting with growing and selling cut flowers to supplement the farm stand and has kept a few flower beds each season. It is her dream to start her own cut-flower business which would provide her an independent livelihood while promoting the resurgence of responsible local agriculture.  In 2013 Angelica became a member of the Chester Gap Volunteer Fire Department and obtained her EMT State and National Registry certification. She currently holds position of EMS Captain of Chester Gap VFD. Angelica has a three year plan for growing her business and needs materials to create the necessary infrastructure. Angelica was awarded $500 to support her flower growing business.

2015 Elaine Bromfield Memorial Scholarship Recipient


Amber Santi: Amber is a married mother with 9 year-old identical twins. She has worked as a pharmacy tech on and off since high school. She started taking courses at Lord Fairfax Community College and after 6 years finished her Associate’s Degree and pharmacy school prerequisites. She graduated in May 2012 Magna Cum Laude with honors in science. In October (2011), she was accepted into the Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy Doctorate Program at Shenandoah University. She has done all this while raising her family on her husband’s construction worker’s salary and her part time job at Warren Memorial Hospital as a pharmacy tech.  Amber is the first person in her family to go to college. Her Doctorate program is a four year graduate program. She is due to graduate in a year and a half.  Her goal is to become an infectious disease or emergency medicine specialist.  Tuition and mandatory fees are between $16, 500 – 17,000 per semester for 8 semesters. She has had to take out unsubsidized federal student loans and has not been able to pay any interest payments. Upon graduation she will have over $150,000 in student loans. Amber was awarded $1,000 through the Elaine Bromfield Memorial Scholarship.


2015 Dare to Dream Recipients