FRWRC 2014 Grant Recipients

2014 Dare to Dream Grant Recipients



Meagan Augugliaro was awarded $700 for the cost of a Shenandoah University course. Meagan is a young single woman whose goal is to become a forensic nurse. She is currently working two jobs to pay her own way through nursing school at Shenandoah University. She has been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant for 3.5 years to pay for schooling. She works two jobs at Winchester Medical Center and Warren Memorial Hospital. Wanting to learn a different side of healthcare and public service, she became an active member and volunteer at Front Royal Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company 1 in her spare time. She is set to graduate in May of 2014 with a current GPA of 3.8. She requested funds to pay for an elective class in sexual assault investigation, domestic abuse and general forensic medical nursing.

Kristie Brown was awarded $700 for course tuition. Kristie is a divorced mother with two children, ages 13 and 12. In the past, she worked as a mammographer and x-ray technician for 18 years but was laid off. She always had a dream to be an auctioneer. She attended Mendenhall Auction School in High Point, NC in 2013, took a course and became a graduate personal property appraiser, received her Virginia auctioneer license and opened her own business – Bearfoot Enterprises LLC, Auctions and Personal Property Appraisals. She now wishes to obtain another designation, a Benefit Auction Specialist, to expand her skills. She has already been participating in community charity auctions and will be able to serve the community through this course.

Barbara Carter was awarded $1,000 towards DeVry University courses. Barbara has five children with her fiancé. She has sometimes held two jobs to meet household expenses. She has attended DeVry University online for about a year. She Enrolled in 2012 with a goal of a Bachelor’s in Business Administration concentrating in Accounting and Finance. She has a GPA of 3.38 and has earned 38 out of 124 credits. She currently receives a Pell grant and has student loans but meeting the cost of $1,927 for a three credit course is still difficult.

Devin Higginson was awarded $1,000 towards her education. Devin is 18 years old and the youngest of three children in a family that has never had a person attend college or trade school. Her family receives government assistance for housing and food but Devin wants more from life. She wants to attend college and become trained as a veterinary technician. She has graduated high school and worked in the fast-food business for over two years. She would like to achieve more. She will receive no financial support from her family so will need to rely on FAFSA and work study. Devin requested a grant to help pay for tuition.

Barbara Jennings was awarded $500 for art print costs. Barbara was married for 60 years and had two sons who are now grown. Her husband died in the fall of 2013. Social Security is currently her only source of income. She has taken care of her family all her life and still has family living with her. Through all of this, she has taught herself to paint and has taught painting classes in Luray and elsewhere. Recently she started having prints made of her oil and water color paintings and has shown them at festivals and bazaars where they have sold well. She requested help to pay for the cost of making prints from her paintings that she will sell to supplement her social security.

Elizabeth (Beth) Kraemer was awarded $500 for a computer with appropriate software. Beth is a young woman who has had a difficult life. She was taking care of her sisters and paying the family bills until her family was evicted. She moved to Front Royal and is currently living with others while attending classes at LFCC in addition to, working 30 hours a week. Once she stopped abusing alcohol and drugs, she was able to complete her first semester of schooling. She would like to continue her progress with school, but even with financial aid it is still difficult because she has some medical problems and pays for all her living expenses. She requested computer, which will help her with her pursuit of a general degree and to go on to study towards a degree in social work.

Nastassia Lee was awarded $850 towards LFCC courses. Nastassia is 19 years old and currently living with her grandmother while attending classes at LFCC. She shares expenses with her grandmother and has worked at least two jobs at a time to pay her own way. Currently she is delighted with her job working for Public Partnerships, LLC as an attendant for three special needs children. It has utilized her skills and interest in American Sign Language (ASL) and is clarifying her goal to complete a Career Studies Certificate in ASL as well as a College Transfer Associate of Arts and Science Degree in General Studies at LFCC. She requested funding to complete six more credit hours towards her associate program.

Kathy McLendon was awarded $100 for a home day care science center. Married with five children, ages 12-29, Kathy has worked at various jobs through the years to include a substitute teacher at Warren County Public Schools, full time for five years at a local daycare and Promotional Director at Royal Plaza Shopping Center. She has worked three jobs at the same time while raising her youngest daughter. In October 2013, she achieved an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education, and at the same time opened her own daycare business out of her home. She requested funding to expand the daycare area, specifically the science center and outdoors play area. She provided five glowing letters of recommendation from parents with children in her daycare.

Marlene Newton was awarded $600 to help with CNA certification courses. Marlene is a 43 year-old married woman with two grown children, both whom are in college or beyond. Her life centered around her marriage and raising children, therefore she never completed high school. Since her children are moving on with their own lives, she began dreaming about becoming a registered nurse and working in a hospital nursery. With a friend’s encouragement, she passed her GED and is now looking forward to earning a CNA certificate, which she is currently working on. She hopes to go on and earn a RN degree from LFCC. Including her husband, there are four students in her household now, which makes it difficult financially.


2014 Elaine Bromfield Memorial Scholarship Recipient

The Elaine Bromfield Scholarship Fund is an endowed family and privately funded scholarship in memory of Elaine Bromfield, a passionate advocate of women’s rights.

Kathryn Davis was awarded $1,000 through the Elaine Bromfield Memorial Scholarship. Kathryn is currently a single mother of two daughters. She divorced an abusive spouse and had a daughter that passed away. She is currently enrolled at LFCC working on an Associate’s Degree, and is planning to transfer to Old Dominion University with a dual major in Psychology and Criminology. She has a GPA of 3.75. She requested help with her educational expenses.

2014 Girl Grant Recipient

This year’s grant was again presented to Holly Goode, Youth Enrichment Program Director at Warren County Middle School for the Wings to Empowerment (W2E) Club (the program was awarded a Girl Grant in 2012). Holly and several other middle school teachers created the W2E as an after-school club for Warren County Middle School girls, designed to build self-esteem and promote confidence. W2E is in its third year, and is open to all middle school girls and faculty/staff, with no cost to participate. Weekly interactive, fun after school sessions incorporate real-life curriculum designed exclusively for W2E girls. This year the Youth Enrichment Program (YEP) wanted to purchase an evidence-based software tool call Ripple Effects for Teens to help support W2E. The tool produces cognitive-behavioral training to turn students around by focusing on building strengths, especially in core social-emotional abilities that are correlated with academic achievement and resilience. The YEP also wanted to purchase yoga mats and received funding for both these items.

Total Awards Presented:

  Nine Dare to Dream Grants $5,950
  Girl Grant $1,000
  Elaine Bromfield Scholarship $1,000
Total 2014 Awards


2014 Dare to Dream Grant Recipients
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