Due to the COVID19 virus this event is FaceBook Live Only

WomanGatherings are informational and inspirational evenings intended to nurture the womanspirit in each of us.

This is a FREE event

FaceBook LIVE @ 6:00 PM with host Eka Kapiotis & Videographer Jen Avery

Guest Speaker: Yukiko Amaya, Sundari Sacred Arts
Topic: “Living an Empowered Life of Embodied Presence”

About: Yukiko is an empowered and skillful energy weaver, healer, shaman, and priestess. She is passionate about connecting deeper with our intuitive soul through embodiment practices that balance our cognitive and intuitive minds. Yukiko is a certified Soul Motion® teacher, yoga and meditation teacher, shamanic healer and Priestess of Goddess in the Avalonian tradition. She has been in continuous practice of the embodied sacred since the 1980’s, and leads private sessions, workshops and sacred immersions worldwide.

Topic: “Living an Empowered Life of Embodied Presence”
How would you like to feel more at ease, fully connected and present in your own life, in a way that also benefits all life? Our human bodies are a fabulous map to guide us with its wisdom and intuitive knowing. Through talks on the energy fields around and within us, as well as simple, guided movement practices and meditation, Yukiko will facilitate your connection with your own radiant power and presence that will also benefit those you come into contact with.

Thank You Beth Waller for being a FRWRC Gold Business Partner & for sponsoring this event.
Note from Beth: In late March 2016, we opened a new space on Main Street in the Middle of Main building. It is called What Matter’s “Open House: Meet in the Middle” and will serve as a resource to our community. We will offer a wealth of real estate and community information, as well as cutting edge technology to learn more about listings, the buying process, and our local community attractions and resources. This space is for the entire community. We will open our doors to community groups to educate the public about the causes that are close to their hearts and also offer our space as a meeting venue to anyone in need of a local location. Helping our community grow and serve as a resource to our neighbors is “What Matters” to us.

WomanGathering – March 19