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WomanGatherings are informational and inspirational evenings intended to nurture the womanspirit in each of us.

Thursday, ­­August 20
Time: 6:00 – 6:30 PM.

Guest: Dr. James Gillispie (Dr. Jay),
Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences & Student Development

Topic: Electoral college

Host: Eka Kapiotis
Videographer: Jen Avery

Woman Gathering

Where the whole idea for the Electoral College came from and how it works. Dr. Jay will be exploring the conversations that have happened over the years regarding whether or not the College continues to serve a useful purpose or is in need of revision.


Brief Bio:

Growing up in Virginia one either falls in love with History or grows tired of it since it's all over our wonderful state. I earned a bachelor's in History from James Madison University in 1991 and a master's in American History there in 1995. While at Madison I developed a love of teaching and from there pursued my doctorate in American History and minor in Southern Studies at the University of Mississippi, earning my Ph.D. in 2000. I became a full-time History professor at a community college in North Carolina in 1999 and was there as professor and College Transfer Director until coming to Lord Fairfax Community College in 2015 to become the Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. I have been married to my extraordinary wife for 25 years and we have a daughter who is currently studying Nursing at VCU.


WomanGathering – August 2020