WomanGatherings are informational and inspirational evenings intended to nurture the womanspirit in each of us.

Guest Speakers: Beth Waller & Jen Avery – What Matters


Thursday, Aug 17
5:30 PM to 7:00 PM
213 E Main St, Front Royal

FB LIVE @ 6:15 PM with host Eka Kapiotis



Meet Beth

What Matters is a dream come true for Beth Medved Waller who has always been an advocate for causes in her community and longed for a career as a “professional volunteer.”

Meet Jen

Inspiring people to go outside of their comfort zone, creating inspirational art or just simply providing hope to those who are lost has guided her heart to co-founding What Matters with her favorite friend, colleague and Broker Beth Waller!


Together they create awareness and build partnerships, inspire dreamers and power passions.  Join us as we hear the story behind the name “What Matters” and more.


WomanGathering – August 17th
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