May 21 - 6 PM


WomanGatherings are informational and inspirational evenings intended to nurture the womanspirit in each of us.

Host Eka Kapiotis & Videographer Jen Avery

Guest Speaker: Daven Lee
Topic: The Power of the Yin

Daven Lee is an integrative therapist, qigong teacher and writer living in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Her work, The Power of the Yin, synthesizes the ancient shamanic art of qigong, Sacred Daoist sexuality and biodynamic craniosacral therapy into an embodied spiritual practice.

She is passionate about helping women connect with their Divine Feminine Power so they can fulfill their deepest calling.
As women, the Yin is our native energy.

The Yin is the feminine principle, the "endless, inexhaustible resource," the internal, liminal, intuitive, receptive, mysterious, gestational; rich, dark and deep like the earth.

In our time together, I will share the quintessential women’s qigong form, Butterfly/The Thousand Waters.
You don’t need any previous experience, and it’s easy and empowering.
When we connect with all the expressions of the feminine, we actualize our own power as women. And we bring much needed harmony to our polarized world, where many have forgotten that all power—and life—spring from, and return to, the Yin.

Thank You Beth Waller for being a FRWRC Gold Business Partner & for sponsoring this event.
Note from Beth: In late March 2016, we opened a new space on Main Street in the Middle of Main building. It is called What Matter’s “Open House: Meet in the Middle” and will serve as a resource to our community. We will offer a wealth of real estate and community information, as well as cutting edge technology to learn more about listings, the buying process, and our local community attractions and resources. This space is for the entire community. We will open our doors to community groups to educate the public about the causes that are close to their hearts and also offer our space as a meeting venue to anyone in need of a local location. Helping our community grow and serve as a resource to our neighbors is “What Matters” to us.