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Women In Networking

April 28 |  12 Noon

Via Zoom* - Click here for link to attend.

Guest: Cadyn Speziale, Immortal Mountain
Topic: Incorporating Herbs Into Your Every Day: Infusions + Decoctions with 5 Herbal Allies

*Event will also be Live on Facebook
Women In Networking
Short on time? Easily stressed? Want to enhance your wellness almost effortlessly? This discussion will be a very basic intro to the processes and benefits of hot water infusions, infused honeys, and hot water decoctions. These methods are both simple to learn and put into practice, without any fancy equipment at all! Five nourishing, family-friendly, locally grown herbs and mushrooms to be discussed for beginning (or furthering) your herbal journey will be Lemon Balm, Tulsi, Nettles, Shiitake, & Lion's Mane. Learn unique facts about, how to properly prepare, and where to find each of these amazing allies!
Instagram handle: @immortalmountain
Short Personal Bio:
After moving to the Front Royal area in 2009 from Georgia -- where she received her B.F.A. and met her husband Drew -- Cadyn Speziale has woven her background in art & design with a lifelong passion for herbs and wellness into Immortal Mountain, the business she co-founded in 2012. Drawing from both her personal experience and formal education in herbalism, Cadyn revels in sharing with her daughter the joys of identifying, harvesting, and preparing herbs for everyday use. Together as a family they comprise Immortal Mountain, crafting distinctive herbal dark chocolates, botanical extracts, & herbal balms, and growing fresh vegetables, mushrooms, greens, and herbs for the CSA subscribers of their doorstep-delivered farmstead goods. (Their full Chocolate + Botanical lines are available on their website, as well as registration for their unique seasonal CSA.)
Women In Networking – April 28