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WomanGatherings are informational and inspirational evenings intended to nurture the womanspirit in each of us.

Guest Speaker: Debbie Copeland, Author
Topic: Getting Back to the Garden: An Assertion of Woodstock as a New Sermon on the Mount & Other Wild Notions
5:30 PM | 213 E Main Street
Interviewer: Eka Kapiotis
Videographer: Jen Avery

Debra A. Copeland is a writer, grandmother, Reiki healer and spiritual activist who, after 25 years as a court reporter and owner/operator of a small but demanding business, finally has ample hours to write, a life change which fills her with joy! She and her husband live in a small house being overtaken by a large body of unfinished work; she looks forward to completing each project while also spending quality time with loved ones (especially her grandchildren), and (out of concern for the future of all children) working for human and environmental justice and transformation.

The topic:

Debbie will be discussing the project she is currently working on, a collection of essays entitled: Getting Back to the Garden: An Assertion of Woodstock as a New Sermon on the Mount & Other Wild Notions. The book looks at American events, issues and personalities from a unique perspective. In May, excerpts of the book were published at Rebelle Society magazine. (Link:

Coming Soon: She is in the process of rebuilding her website and FB page. Debbie hopes to have it all up and running within the next couple of months. (Link: )

Available on Amazon: The Edification of Sissy Dare by Debbie Copeland (2012)

Thank You Beth Waller for being a FRWRC Gold Business Partner & for sponsoring this event. Beth supplies this great meeting space and all the food.
Thank You Joanne Mulherin & Chateau O'Brien Winery for providing all wine.

Note from Beth: In late March 2016, we opened a new space on Main Street in the Middle of Main building. It is called Team Waller’s “Open House: Meet in the Middle” and will serve as a resource to our community. We will offer a wealth of real estate and community information, as well as cutting edge technology to learn more about listings, the buying process, and our local community attractions and resources. This space isn’t just for Team Waller; it is for the entire community. We will open our doors to community groups to educate the public about the causes that are close to their hearts and also offer our space as a meeting venue to anyone in need of a local location. Helping our community grow and serve as a resource to our neighbors is “What Matters” to us.

Sep 19 – WomanGathering