Gold Partner




  • Invitation to meet the FRWRC board at yearly planning meeting
  • Company logo or photo along with your business link
  • Recognition on FRWRC social media sites and at FRWRC events
  • Opportunity to display and share company literature at all FRWRC events (display holders need to be provided)
  • Recognition of your partnership in our annual report distributed at events throughout the year
  • The opportunity to have events included in our weekly e-newsletter on a monthly basis

When you partner with the FRWRC, your contribution goes to support programs that help.

  • Create a support network of social and professional connections for women in our community
  • Create a higher level of awareness of women’s issues
  • Enrich the community by supporting area artists, writers and community events
  • Promote small business development
  • Provide increased self-esteem and confidence for grant and scholarship recipients
  • Pay forward the value of higher education to future generations
  • Create a more educated work force in our community
  • Raise the income level of local women and in turn, their families
Gold Partner