Free Virtual Event via Zoom - April 21 at 7 PM 

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Membership Gathering

ALL ARE WELCOME!  Please Join Us...

This year's gathering will highlight our Dare to Dream Grant Program with grant recipients as our panelists and guests. The evening will demonstrate how your donations are supporting and uplifting women in our community, as we connect our members, both new and current, with one of our most powerful programs.

Our host is Eka Kapiotis, our panelists are Hannah Bement and Jenny Statler


Membership Gathering

Eka Kapiotis

Current Board Member/2020 Dare to Dream Grant Recipient

Eka is no stranger to this organization. She has been a helping and healing force among us for many years. Many of you here learned Reiki from her through the Valley Health training program she established and have experienced her healing work in her private practice. Eka is always seeking more effective ways to help others heal. She specializes in Cranio-Sacral Therapy, an advanced, gentle, and powerful modality, dolphin-assisted therapy, and helps women discover themselves through nature programs.

Thanks to a Dare to Dream grant, Eka recently made significant progress on her dream of becoming a certified CST therapist at the very highest level - that of “Diplomate”.


Eka Kapiotis

Hannah Bement

Dare to Dream Committee Member/2017 Dare to Dream Grant Recipient

Ms. Bement has an extensive background in science and environmental research but switched careers when she realized that teaching is her true passion. She loves “seeing the spark in a child’s eyes when they make a connection to the natural world…” She has worked with youth through many internships, volunteering, and contract positions including at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute, and the Smithsonian-Mason School of Conservation. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology through the University of Akron in Ohio and a Masters of Environmental Science Degree through the Yale School of the Environment. She is currently working in her dream job, teaching biology at Mountain Vista Governor's School.


Jenny Statler

2021 Dare to Dream Grant Recipient

Jenny grew up visiting Front Royal on weekends at their family farm. She returned to the farm from working in Manhattan as the Corona virus was shutting things down. Her new time on the farm and the opportunity to meet up with a high school friend led to the development of a dream of starting a vineyard on the property. Jenny’s personal goals in starting the vineyard “are to fully align my creativity with growing a quality product for others to enjoy; to use the land I love, to share with others; and to positively contribute to my community in Front Royal and the world around me in my own small way.” Jenni has business experience managing a bar and starting a natural, biodynamic wine program in NY. She has also lived in Spain and Argentina where she visited the many wine regions and learned about the process of producing quality grapes and wines. Her business partner has nine years of experience in vineyard management and winery operations across the US and at a local vineyard. A detailed business plan has been written and Jenny is researching local and federal grants to help them get their feet off the ground. The land is being prepared and soon the first vines will be planted.

Update: We will be planting the entire first field of vines including the first ones made possible by the FRWRC (3,800 vines total) on May 7th!  New development, we are starting a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program on the farm and delivering fresh veggies to 10 lucky members all summer in the DC and Front Royal Area (still have 4 spots left!) to help fund the start-up costs of the vineyard.

Jenny Statler, Co-owner of Tilt Vineyards, LLC.


Membership Gathering – April 21