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Guest Speaker: Miranda Hope
Topic: Yoga

FB LIVE @ 6:15 PM with hostess Eka Kapiotis

Miranda Hope attained her first yoga certificate in 2001 and has taught over a thousand classes, including hundreds of trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation classes to warriors and the incarcerated. She is a member of Warriors at Ease and The Prison Yoga Project. She has degrees from Stanford and Columbia Universities and, when not teaching yoga, has worked as a high school teacher, a counselor, a singer/songwriter, and a mom.

Miranda will speak about why yoga is so uniquely poised to be of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefit to all of us and specifically to the incarcerated men and women doing time just a few miles north of Front Royal at RSW Jail. She will also discuss the dozen most surprising things — from the ridiculous to the profound –that she has learned about yoga, the incarcerated, and herself while offering those classes.

Jan 17 – WomanGathering
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