Kim South Girl Grant Program

girl grant program

This grant is given to middle school-aged young women in Warren County to inspire future leadership, curiosity, confidence and success. It provides encouragement,  support and recognition to those who may not be recognized in the traditional ways but can use this validation of their self-worth.

The program was initially founded in 2006 by long time FRWRC member Mary Ellen South in memory of her daughter Kim South. The grant is intended to inspire future leadership, curiosity, confidence, and success; it is not a reward for past academic achievement.

The grant may be utilized for specialized programs such as summer camp, courses in the arts, summer school, a training course, tutoring or special needs. Grants may also be awarded to an organization or a club that is empowering young girls through related activities.

One or more grants are given annually in the amounts up to $1,000 to Warren County students or an organization recommended for the award by a guidance counselor, teacher or principal. $1,000 is available in grant funding annually. Funds go directly to the activity/program.

If you have any questions about this grant, please email wrc@frwrc.

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Girl Grant Program?

What better way is there to support women than starting with sponsoring the dreams and ambitions of some of the youngest women in our community?

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