Carol Toba (April 2024)- Voices of the Valley


Days are whipsawing between winter and summer,
releasing a taste of spring, like pink icing
on a chocolate and vanilla cake.
Early bloodroot bloomed in the cold, while purple and yellow violets
stayed mostly hidden, to view later with our admiration
of redbuds, dogwood and trillium.
Woodpeckers claimed territory above,
bears clawed it on wood below, and rocks
implacable displayed fossils and their volcanic origins.

On April 8th the thinnest sliver of sun remained during the eclipse,
turning the air grey until the sun emerged with a thin smile
that broadened, along with ours until it covered its entire face.

Greeted through hikers going north or south on the Appalachian Trail
share stories of adventures and trials and ask
“Does it ever go downhill?” (It does).

As the sun sets violet and gold behind the Blue Ridge
I walk in gratitude for this place of peace,
and for those I know and will know and times past
and yet to be.

by Carol Toba