2023 May Voices of Valley Women


“This Window is a Thirst but Not a Good Drink”

by Joanne Cherefko

From this window

In time and space,

I mark my place

With the soft

Retreat of senses                                                  

And a slow dance to

Self and lessness.

Below, pale offerings

Emerge from sun caverns to

Delight the sidewalks. 


From a Hopper-lit

Soft corner of

A window

I see faces

Distorted and stretched                                        

To screams of

Sad orifices that

Used to delight

Sidewalk persons.

I prefer this                                                          

Downward view

Shaded by drawn,

Sanctimonious pillars

That split this curtain

On fateful or frivolous                                         

Occasions that have

Marked my place

In time and space.

Having no more truths

I can deny to myself,                                           

I ask my monsters

To surrender,

To come inside the window, and

Not to shatter those images of

Cardboard people                                                

Marking places

In other times

Through uncertain faces

And switched spaces

Of light from                                                       

Former windows.