Yard Sale-2021

Thank You!

Many thanks to all who helped in Saturday's (Oct 9, 2021) yard sale by donating items and tables and volunteering your time and muscle.  The weather cooperated, and we had our most successful yard sale day ever, raising $2,050.

A Special Thank You to Weichert Realtors - We so appreciate our partnership for this event with Weichert over the years, and your willingness to share your space with us.  Your generosity has made this fundraiser successful and has helped us to interact with people in our community.

As the old saying goes, "It takes a village," and this is certainly true of the yard sale.  A great amount of appreciation goes out to all those who gathered and brought donations, those who lent and brought tables, those who showed up at Weichert when it was still dark to set up the sale, those who stayed during the day or did a daytime shift, and those who were there at the end to clean up everything, break down the tables, and haul the unsold items to Goodwill, Blue Ridge Hospice and Samuels Library.  As those who were there at the end said as we stood in an empty parking lot, " You would never know there was a yard sale here today."

Yard Sale 2021
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