Tuesday, December 15th - 7 PM

via ZOOM is FREE, must register to attend.

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Virtual Holiday Party December 15 at 7 PM


Dear FRWRC Members and Friends,

I recently participated in a Zoom call with a number of other nonprofits in the area and came away with a number of thoughts and ideas. The title of the call was COVID Fatigue, something I’m fairly sure that we can all relate to. This year has brought with it so many new issues and challenges with one of the biggest ones being separated from family and friends.

And here is a radical and huge change to think about, when we went into all of this we were told to “social distance” what was meant by this was to keep our distance physically from others to reduce the spread of this disease. But what my brain, and others I’ve talked with did with this wording was something unexpected.  In keeping our “social distance” our brain computes that we need distance socially - no socializing, allowed.

Now, I ask you to say to yourself – I need to be physically distance not socially. If you repeat it to yourself and you follow how you actually feel when you say the two things, you may find that your body responds very differently to the two phrases.

WORDS DO MATTER, every day we say things that have an impact – the words you say, how you say them and the emphasis you put on them will always bring a different result. You don’t have to take my word on this, politicians, speakers and more will all tell you this.

So, now that the holiday season is upon us, I invite you to be social and keep your physical distance.

I formally and casually invite you to our holiday Zoom party. The purpose is to be social, have fun, share drinks (your own), snacks (also your own) and your holiday decorations, if you so choose and your stories. We need each other, I know I need all of you. Whether you decide to join us for our holiday party, or create one of your own, I invite you to start using a different terminology as you move forward into the world. Leave the “social distancing” behind, a phrase that only serves to create a distance that isn’t appropriate or needed.

We hope you will decide to join us, if so….

Party is FREE, must register to attend. 

Join us from the comfort of your own home. There will be games and prizes. And we will announce the winning bids of our "Tiffany Trees".
Wear your Holiday finest, your Holiday PJs or even your Ugly Christmas sweater!!! You can share your holiday decorations, your favorite beverage and/or cookie or snack. If you send us the recipe, we will compile them to share with everyone.

All you need is your smart phone, your tablet or your computer – the link we send will automatically download the app you need (Zoom). It is completely free; your device will automatically install it and you will be up and running and…we are here to help. We will start early to troubleshoot with anyone who needs it. Just reach out, call text, email if you think you will need assistance.

Happy Holidays,


Barbara Way

FRWRC Executive Director


"Tiffany Tree" Legacy Collection - Silent Auction Fundraiser our Virtual Holiday Party, Dec 15.

Bid Here - https://www.32auctions.com/FRWRC2020

The Trees are stunning, if you would like to see them in person, please stop by Donahoe's Whimsical Florist to view (205 S Royal Ave, Front Royal, VA).

Anyone can view our auction without having an account. However, an account is needed in order to bid. The process is quick and very little information is required as you can see on the Create An Account page. You only need to provide an email and create a password. Requiring an account for bidding makes it easy for auction administrators to identify and communicate with bidders during and after the auction. Winning Bidders will pay FRWRC directly, payments are not set up through the auction site.

Elaine Faucher, a long-time member of the Front Royal Women’s Resource Center (FRWRC) and resident of Warren County, has created a unique and beautiful “Tiffany Tree” collection made from vintage jewelry collected from local women. She has donated five of these beautiful trees to the FRWRC to auction off during the holidays to raise money to continue supporting area women with excellent programming and annual grant opportunities.

Legacy Collection includes: Jackie Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Princess Di & Cleopatra

Bid Here - https://www.32auctions.com/FRWRC2020

Virtual Holiday Party