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Donation options

This year our goal is to create ongoing endowments for all our Grants. Your extra support today will help make this dream come true.
We are asking those who can to consider one of the following –
 Donate $30 or more now or
 Pledge $5, $10 or even $20 a month through website.
 We will send a follow up email for easy click and go.
 A contribution of $1000 will fund one grant for one year!
As always we appreciate you sending whatever you can afford, thank you!

In 2016, we improved the lives of Warren County women and girls by:
 Awarding 6 Dare to Dream grants and the Elaine Bromfield Memorial Scholarship totaling $6,600
 Presenting 2 Kim South Girl Grants totaling $1000, to support middle school age girls (1grant to a single girl another to a program which reaches numerous girls)
 Expanding our community outreach programs by:
o Offering monthly networking events which promote personal and professional development opportunities for Warren County women
o Honoring the lifetime accomplishments of women leaders in our community with our annual Spotlight event
 Growing our membership to 120 strong including 11 business partners

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